"Before we went to work with Dr. Shanon, we didn’t have the capacity to communicate openly to resolve our issues.  I didn’t feel as if my spouse listened to me and they felt the same about me.  My spouse had lost trust in me and I wasn’t trustworthy in our relationship.  During our time in the program, we experienced deeper communication in a safe environment.  I learned to be more open and vulnerable and let my spouse in emotionally.  Since then the trust in the relationship has been restored and we are enjoying deeper ways of communicating and understanding one another."



"Before my husband and I participated in the Marriage Made Whole program with Dr. Shanon, I didn’t feel that my spouse was trustworthy, loving, accepting, available or responsive.  We didn’t feel as if we understood one another.  We didn’t have the capacity to help one another with our issues.  During the program we received tools allowing us to positively change our interaction.  Our hope in our marriage was restored.  We learned how to understand each other and how our past experiences influence who we are and how we handle things in our relationship.  Since then, we are better prepared to handle the hard days.  We are getting to know each other again in a whole new way.  The “us” is second to God in our lives."




"Dr. Shanon’s gift that God has given her is amazing and we have been blessed to benefit from it.  She has helped us in ways I never imagined."

"Dr. Shanon is authentic, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is amazing and real."

"I am grateful for Dr. Shanon’s wise counsel, professionalism, and kindness during our time together.  She certainly made an impact in my life and relationship.  She gave me the gifts of knowledge, understanding, patience and perspective.  I will always be grateful for our time."

“We were one of those couples who wouldn’t stay the course. We would go to counseling for awhile, think we were better, then boomerang back. We read books on a healthy marriage, attended marriage seminars, and nothing produced lasting change. Then we committed to stay the course with Dr. Shanon. We are a changed marriage today. God has gifted her with a  remarkable ability to bring about true leading in marriages, that reaches far back to before the marriage even began.” 


“It helped uncover/reveal vulnerabilities
we each have”

“We are a
changed marriage


“The intensive session my wife and I did was extremely beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone.  It helped uncover/reveal vulnerabilities we each have that factor directly into the security of our relationship and how we treat each other - none of which we ever would have been able to flush out or understand without Shanon's help.  We're extremely grateful for the opportunity to improve our marriage! “